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Albayan.TV is a Dubai-based video production company, operating across numerous media channels and categories. We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired companies and people. Albayan.TV isn’t in the business of being creative. We’re in the business of using creativity to persuade audiences, on behalf of our clients. Our staff of writers, directors, producers, and editors draw on their diverse experiences in film, creative advertising, music, social media, journalism, and reality TV, to create projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally.
Our work is influenced by an array of cultural stimuli: science, history, photography, and architecture; blended with soul music, modern art, sports, and futurism, topped off with a dash of pop culture, a splash of childlike curiosity, and a triple shot of serendipity. We believe that great ideas are a decisive advantage. A great idea can persuade the blind to suddenly see. The deaf to finally hear. We also believe ideas are only great when they are conceived and produced fast enough to give clients a competitive advantage. We welcome the impossible idea. When it comes to our clients’ ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can accomplish anything.

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location 18, Second floor, Rouhani Building,
    Diera, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
phone  800 Video (84336)

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